Supplementary Education Program

Purulia is one of the most backward districts in West Bengal. Within the district there are some pockets with further backwardness. One such pocket is Ajodhya Hills, a hilly terrain, deprived of the basic services like elementary education, primary health care, and livelihood support services. There are only 17 government aided primary schools for 56 villages in the entire hilly range. Click here to know more….


Adolescent Intervention Program

Adolescence is a period of transition from childhood to adulthood. It is characterized by rapid physical, biological and hormonal changes resulting in psycho-social, behavioral and sexual maturity in an individual. Adolescents are leaders in the making their ambition, creativity, curiosity, drive and eagerness create a fertile ground for planting seeds for their bright future. Click here to know more….


Childline 1098 Services

CHILDLINE is a phone outreach based intervention model and the work begins when a call for help comes in. As soon as this happens, local CHILDLINE teams swing into action for direct intervention. Click here to know more….



Mobile Health Unit Project

The basic mandate of the programme is to make essential medical services available in remote rural areas where access to medical service is limited. MHU was launched in four Gram Panchayats, viz., Panipathar, Chandra, Pirrah and Kenda in Puncha block of Purulia district. Click here to know more….


Internet Saathi

Internet infrastructure appears to be the biggest impediment, especially in the rural areas. This combined with the challenges of capability and affordability, compounds the problem of internet penetration for the rural areas and makes rural pockets commercially non-viable for private players as well. While the Government has come out with several policies and missions for enabling internet access. Click here to know more….




eVidyaloka improves the quality in education by connecting high quality teachers across the world through live, interactive online classes for the children via the Digital Classrooms setup in the village Government schools. Click here to know more….


Sabala Kanyashree Convergence Programme

The SABLA-Kanyashree Joint Convergence Programme was launched with the aim to strengthen monitoring, supervision and capacity building of the adolescent girls in the age group of 11 to 18 years (school going and school drop outs) for their appropriate development and empowerment. Click here to know more….


Girl Child Education

Our aim is to break the cycle of illiteracy that girls from such communities are mired in. This is done through local community-based Learning Centers, where they get meaningful and stimulating education up to Year 5. Click here to know more….