CHILDLINE is a phone outreach based intervention model and the work begins when a call for help comes in. As soon as this happens, local CHILDLINE teams swing into action for direct intervention. Intervention covers a range of actions from rescuing children from abusive circumstances, providing immediate SOS attention, to registering a case at the Police station, presenting a child to the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) in the city and developing the papers for onward action as directed by the CWC and so on.

Each case has its own requirements. Some take less than an hour to resolve whereas others take months of work. CHILDLINE’s operational model involves the team activating a variety of linkages among the allied system institutions such as Police, municipality, health care, education and transport institutions along with the judiciary, child care NGOs, local state and central governments. Very often, the team has to provide unique solutions that require a relevant interpretation of legislations such as the Juvenile Justice Act and others and sensitize allied institutions to issues.

In the year 2015-16, CESR handled 417 child related cases. In one year, CESR run Childline stopped 40 child marriages, rescued 66 distressed children from various places and provided temporary shelter, and reunited 37 of them with their families. The Childline also dealt with 137 medical cases, including heart operation, eye problems, severe malnourishment, ENT problems, thyroid, hysteria, hydrocephalus etc.  In one yea2015-16, the Childline project also organised 193 awareness camps, which made 5553 children aware of Childline 1098.