1 March-2017

Santoshi Garai, an adolescent girl of Chakda, Purulia, wishes to pursue higher education and has a dream of further contributing to the Society. But, her dreams are soon posed to a threat when her family tries to get her married at an early age of 16. However, on recieving the letter from Santoshi, dated 14th February, where she mentions her disapproval to the marriage, Purulia Childline 1098 Services with the cooperation of the local police and BDO successfully prevented this case of Child Marriage on 28th February,2017.

The local BDO, Dibyendu Das; Anshuman Bandhapadhyay of Child Protection Unit and Jharna Mukherjee & Dipankar Sarkar, members of Childline Services (Purulia) made the parents aware of the ill effects of Child Marriage and its legal consequences. As a result, the father singed a bond which specified Child Marriage to be a crime against Law and that the parents would be liable in any case of breach of the same.